Artwork Specifications

The Print Room at Office National Yatala offers a full in-house graphic design service. You are welcome to supply your own artwork using the following design specifications.

General artwork requirements 

•    Artwork must be correctly sized with bleed added where required (see below).
•    CMYK printing - colours must be CMYK or Greyscale (no RGB or PMS colours).
•    PMS printing - colours must be set to required Pantone colours (no CMYK, RGB or substituted PMS colours).
•    All fonts (text) must to be converted to outlines/curves.
•    Minimum image resolution of 300dpi CMYK. Any bitmaps containing text must be created at no less than

     600dpi for clear, crisp text - lower resolution may cause fuzzy or unreadable text. Re-sampling images to a

     higher resolution may cause poor image quality.
•    All transparency/shadow effects must be flattened.
•    All black text must be black only. Do not include all 4 colours as this can cause text to look fuzzy.
•    Do not pre-set any overprints (including overprint black) - automatic trapping is used.
•    Use corner trim marks only - no registration marks or colour bars are required.

Accepted files

•    PDF files are preferred (other files to be discussed before submission).

Artwork boundaries and bleeds

To ensure nothing gets too close to the edges of the product, important design elements such as text and logos should be kept within the ‘safe zone’ for each product. The safe zone is the distance these elements need to be

kept away from the edge of the product. Note: The edge of the product is the finished size, not including bleed.

•    Business Cards - 2mm bleed / 4mm safe zone
•    Brochures & Flyers - 3mm bleed / 7mm safe zone
•    Booklets, Magazines & Calendars - 5mm bleed / 10mm safe zone recommended

NOTE: Variations of 1-2mm can occur during any guillotining, die cutting or spot UV process. This is considered acceptable and does not constitute a reprint.

PLEASE NOTE:  Files not meeting these specifications may cause unwanted results and production delays while new artwork is acquired. While all care is taken, Office National Yatala does not accept any liability whatsoever for errors in supplied artwork, unwanted results due to the design of the files, low resolution images, or incorrect setup of the supplied files. Unless this is specifically requested and included in your quotation, we do not proof-read, check, correct or modify your supplied artwork in any way. We do not check the colours your designer has used. All files are printed as supplied to us. Full liability for any design issues lies with the client and designer of the files. 

Common Print Sizes

We’ve put together a few standard sizes to help you find what best suits your needs. Custom sizes are also available on most of these products.

Brochures & Flyers
A3 - 420 x 297mm
A4 - 297 x 210mm
A5 - 210 x 148.5mm
A6 - 148.5 x 105mm
DL - 210 x 99mm
Docket Books (including binding margin)

A4 - 297 x 210mm
A5 - 210 x 148mm

Business Cards
54 x 90mm or 55 x 90mm
Slimline - 45 x 90mm


DL - 220 x 110mm (fits DL flyers or A4 folded to DL) DLX - 235 x 120mm
C4 - 324 x 229mm (for A4 documents)
C5 - 229 x 162mm (for A5 documents)
B4 - 353 x 250mm